Date Version Author
18-April-2016 0.1 Joe Wass Initial MVP release
19-April-2016 0.2 Joe Wass Add 'Contributing to Event Data'
16-August-2016 0.3 Joe Wass Remove Relations & Deposits, update new Query API
08-September-2016 0.4 Joe Wass Complete rewrite using new concepts and components
27-September-2016 0.5 Joe Wass Updated Evidence Record information
09-November-2016 0.5.1 Joe Wass Adjusted query API syntax
22-Feb-2017 0.6.1 Joe Wass Pre-beta adjustments. Reflects major refactor of services.
09-Mar-2017 0.7.0 Joe Wass Complete review of all documentation. Most of it overhauled.
06-May-2017 1.0.0 Joe Wass Beta!
06-May-2017 1.0.1 Joe Wass Add Canonical URLs, Evidence Logs
06-March-2018 1.1.0 Joe Wass New Version 1 API, breaking changes.
21-September-2018 1.2.0 Joe Wass Release