DataCite to CrossRef Links

Property Value
Name datacite_crossref
Consumes Artifacts none
Matches by DOI
Produces relation types cites
Fields in Evidence Record no evidence record
Freshness daily
Data Source DataCite API
Coverage All DOIs
Relevant concepts External Agents, Occurred-at vs collected-at
Operated by DataCite

When members of DataCite deposit datasets, they can include links to Crossref Registered Content via their Crossref DOIs. The DataCite agent monitors these links and sends them to Event Data. As this is an External Agent, there are no Artifacts or Evidence Records.

Example Event



  • DataCite operate an Agent that scans its Metadata API for new citations to Crossref DOIs. When it finds links, it deposits them.
  • It can also scan for back-files


  • Because the Agent can scan for back-files, it is possible that duplicate Events may be re-created. See Duplicate Data.
  • Because the Agent can scan for back-files, Events may be created with occurred_at in the past. See Occurred-at vs collected-at.