URLs in Depth

For context please see Content Items, URLs, Persistent Identifiers and DOIs.

Landing Page Conflict Resolution

The DOI-URL Mapping is a one-to-one mapping: every DOI is mentioned only once and every URL is mentioned only once. If we find two DOIs that resolve to the same URL, we use the following process:

  1. If a URL maps to only one DOI, that mapping is used.
  2. If two DOIs map to one DOI and one Item a parent of the other (indicated by the parent_doi tag in the metadata), then the parent DOI is used for the mapping.
  3. If two DOIs map to one URL we look in the metadata for the publication_type. If one has a value of full_text and the other has a value of abstract_only or bibliographic_record, the Item with the publication_type of full_text is used.
  4. Failing that, the mapping is excluded.