Event Data

Version 0.7.0 - Pre-beta

We are aiming to enter Beta test soon. Please contact us if you want to participate.

Event Data has not yet launched. Until then, the service described here may not be feature-complete. Contact eventdata@crossref.org if you have any questions or feedback.

Welcome to the Crossref Event Data User Guide. It contains everything you need to know about Crossref Event Data (and probably a little more), from a high-level overview down to the details in-depth. This guide is suitable for everyone. Hopefully it will provide everything from a gentle introduction right down to the the tiny details. Read the chapters of this guide in order for a complete tour of CED.

If you're keen to get your hands on the data you can jump straight to the Quick Start page. Although we will provide Event Data via CC-0 license waiver, we may sometimes need to pass on to you the terms of use or privacy policies directly from our data sources. For example, in order to use the data from Twitter which we provide in Event Data, please ensure you comply with Twitter's Privacy Policy. We also ask you to please ensure you have read our own privacy statement, Crossref Privacy Policy. Every Event we provide in Event Data will include a DOI which will point you to a page where all the information and links you need regarding re-use will be available. This page will available at Beta launch.

If you want to use CED for whatever reason, you are strongly encouraged to read the entire guide. CED is an open, flexible service that gathers data from a range of sources. It's important that you understand where the data comes from, how it's processed, and what you should bear in in mind when using it.

Once you have got an understanding for CED, follow the Getting Started guide to piece it all together.

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Revision history

Date Version Author
18-April-2016 0.1 Joe Wass jwass@crossref.org Initial MVP release
19-April-2016 0.2 Joe Wass jwass@crossref.org Add 'Contributing to Event Data'
16-August-2016 0.3 Joe Wass jwass@crossref.org Remove Relations & Deposits, update new Query API
08-September-2016 0.4 Joe Wass jwass@crossref.org Complete rewrite using new concepts and components
27-September-2016 0.5 Joe Wass jwass@crossref.org Updated Evidence Record information
09-November-2016 0.5.1 Joe Wass jwass@crossref.org Adjusted query API syntax
22-Feb-2017 0.6.1 Joe Wass jwass@crossref.org Pre-beta adjustments. Reflects major refactor of services.
09-Mar-2017 0.7.0 Joe Wass jwass@crossref.org Complete review of all documentation. Most of it overhauled.